Bishop Al Archie – Senior Pastor

 In September of 2006, with the blessing of his pastor, Elder Archie was released from this position as Assistant Pastor at The Saints of Jesus Christ Church Inc., to officially step into his next assignment: becoming the Pastor of Simple Truth Ministries, Inc. in October of 2006. Pastor Archie was consecrated to the office of Bishop on March 26, 2011. Bishop Archie best exemplifies the gifts of teaching, exhortation and administration.

  • Spent most of his life in the church: Cypress Avenue Baptist Church, Bronx, NY and Willis Avenue United Methodist Church, Bronx, NY for 12 years each.
  • Received license as a Certified Lay Speaker at Willis Avenue.
  • Serving as a Sunday School Teacher, Sound Room Technician and Trustee for 15 years at Morning Star Full Gospel Assembly.
  • In 1991, was ordained into ministry.
  • In 1992, was appointed as Assistant Superintendent of the Sunday School Department and instructor of the New Converts/Daily Living Class and served for 11 years.
  • In 1995, was ordained to office of elder and promoted to Sunday School Superintendent and appointed as Youth Pastor of the Young People’s Union.
  • He also served as Pastor of the New Converts Department and served for 5 years as the ministry’s staff Associate Elder.

Elder Carolyn Archie – Pastor and Elect Lady

 Pastor Archie overcame many physical disabilities to arise to God’s intended place. She is a teacher and best exemplifies the gifts of faith and exhortation. Pastor Archie is a “plug-in saint, often operating in the area of helps, and now preparing God’s people to embrace the basics of His Word with sound teaching and correction. 

  • Her major salvation experience took place at Mount Moriah Church, Brooklyn, NY where she served as Sunday School Teacher and Devotion Leader.
  • At Morning Star Full Gospel Assembly, Bronx, NY, she served as Sunday School Teacher, Missionary Leader, Praise and Worship Leader, Platform Speaker Counselor and Youth Aide.
  • Pastor Archie has a B.S. In Business Administration- Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling and Religious Education.
  • She was also a CASAC Trainee.


Elder Loretta Jones

Deacon Melinda Rogers

Trustee Jasmine Huff